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3x Ways to Improve your Existing Garden Right Now

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

When it's not possible to launch yourself into a full garden renovation project, there are still a couple of ways you can improve your existing outdoor space.
A- add some extra interest, height and dimension to your space by introducing raised planters or oversized plant pots. Go for a DIY sleeper raised planters for a more natural cottage/country style vibe, or visit your local garden centre to pick a more contemporary planter/pot to compliment your garden. When choosing plants for your new planter - go big or go home. Remember, you're creating an impact, not a backdrop.
B- get painting! Painting a shed or a tired wooden fence will make your garden look completely different. It can add character and class. Stay away from the old fashioned brown or green tones, instead go with grey and black for a more contemporary look or stony / sage green for a country style garden.
C- accessorize:) the key is in the detail. Cushions, outdoor rugs, lanterns, patio heaters and lights - they all will add character and style to your garden and distract from areas you don't want to focus on.
Hope you found it helpful 😃

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