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Secrets to Watering your Garden

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

You probably would not think there is a science behind watering your garden, but there certainly are couple of rules you should follow to ensure you are doing it right.
1 – water in the MORNING! Yes, despite the common misconception that watering should be done in the evening, I always advise my clients to water in the morning instead. WHY? Especially after a hot day, whilst the air might have cooled down, the ground and the plant roots may still be rather warm and get scorched by the cold water.

2 – always TEST the soil before watering. I so often hear statements like “I am watering every other day” and I think that’s just crazy!! Some plants will be thirstier than others. Some areas in your garden will get less direct sunlight than others and may have slightly different soil type or consistency, so you can’t really follow a set pattern. Instead, every morning check the soil in different planting areas in your garden. Water, if it feels dry – or don’t, if it feels moist.

Obviously – check the weather forecast for the day – you don’t want to waste your time watering unless it’s necessary. There’s more to life than that.

3 – direct the water to the base of the plants, instead of plant leaves. This will ensure your water going right where it counts – to the roots of your plant.
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