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Pick the right TREES for your garden

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Trees and other structural plants are key elements of every garden. They are also one of the trickiest elements to choose due to their forever changing nature, so here are my top tips to help you choose the right trees for your garden.

First of all you must choose a purpose for your trees.
Most commonly trees are used to create privacy and sound insulation. Evergreen trees are the best option for this purpose as they will provide consistent screening from neighbouring properties through the year. I find Prunus Lusitanica [portuguese laurel] one of the best options for small gardens, but we also commonly use Photinia [red robin] and Ligustrum [privet]
Best trees with long season of interest for small gardens include Amelanchier Lamarckii [servicebery], Betula Jacquemontii [himalayan birch], Prunus Tibetica [tibetan cherry].
If you can get a multi-stem variety of these, it will add extra character to your garden.

Various ornamental cherry trees and crab apple trees will also work very well in urban gardens and add much needed height, dimension and interest to your outdoor space.

Speak to your local designer for recommended tree suppliers and help with choosing trees for your garden.
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